Work 4.0: Human Performance Enhancement by Digitalization

The increased complexity of workers’ tasks in their daily operations enforce organizations to pay more attention on human performance to maintain a certain degree of quality. Digitalization and automation are the two introduced main drivers to present the upcoming Industry 4.0. However, there are still remaining questions on how many jobs can be technically fully automated or even completely replaced by machines. This talk will convey the potential use of technology to enhance the human performance.  In particular, the use of technology not only enhance the human performance but also adds values to the work of humans. Instead of fully digitalizing and automating the industrial processes, human augmentation with AI systems would be the future. One study would be revealed to show how industries could move forward to augment human workers with AI and technologies.

Date: February 14th, 2020

Time: 14.00 – 16.00 

Venue: Ruang Konferensi (RK 1), gedung W lantai 10, Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya

Speaker: Bernardo Nugroho Yahya, Ph.D (Industrial & Management Engineering, Associate Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (South Korea))

Contact Person: Pauline (082338390297)